How I Got Into Journalism Club



Hi! I’m Maxwell. You can call me Max though. This is my first time in Journalism Club. Actually, it’s a lot of firsts for me. So I’m going to tell you how I got into Journalism Club. “But before I tell you that story, I have to tell you this story.” (Quoted from Captain Underpants)


Ok so, let me paint the picture here; I’m a young boy in kinder, or 1st, or 2nd  grade. The teacher tells us that we have to write a story. Let me rephrase that; the teacher wants me to write a THREE-page story at like, the age of 5. Even with my straight face, I was secretly panicking inside. THEN we had to do it again, on a FIVE-page book. This was bad for me especially because I couldn’t come with any ideas. This wouldn’t change until 4th grade. Now, you might be wondering “Well then how did you get into Journalism Club? I didn’t start reading this for n-” I’m getting to it!


Now that I’m done with that story, I can tell you the other story. This happens the Thursday or Friday before my birthday. Yes, like 2 days until my birthday. (I got a surprise that I was having a party at a science place. I love science.) We had to write a narrative, the personal kind. We had already had done our draft and we were writing the FINAL DRAFT. But something happened. It clicked with me. I’m now writing a detailed paragraph about how I got my dog. When I get done with it, I have a MASSIVE confidence boost. This was strange because I was one of the quiet kids. Something clicks with me again. Since I had an early dismissal, I was going to read it to the class. Mrs. Wells was so impressed that she recommended me for Journalism Club. I was happy. I walked to the front office for Mom to pick me up and in my head, I was thinking, “My life has changed forever. Some things never change. Mabey. But determination keeps you going and perseverance pays off.”

I hope this encourages you to break your limits today. I guess all I can say is “Perseverance pays off.”