Get to know the Howler Staff in the “All About Me” Series!


   All About Me


Hello there! My name is Amaya, I’m 10 years old and in the fourth grade. This is an article about… well me! So let’s start with my interests, I love animals. I have 2 pugs. I am also a swimmer, and you bet I love it. Also, I love art!

Now, on to my favorite food. I love strawberries,  they’re delicious!

Ok, let’s move on to my best friends. Their names are Ava Carrion and Mia Brown, they are the nicest friends I’ve ever had.

Alright, let’s start talking about where I was born. I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and it was steaming hot! Now let’s talk about my family members, I have a little brother, Colt, my dad, my mom, and me! If you know me, you know that I love the colors red, teal, and white. I find those colors super pretty!

Changing to my favorite subject in school; I love science! Anything to do with science I will gladly do!

Let’s slide over to my favorite places. I love the aquarium and zoo, they are my favorite! Let’s not forget Urban Air jump park! They are all super fun!

Hmmm oh yeah… I can’t forget to tell you about my favorite holiday! My favorite holiday is Christmas. I find it crazy fun! Hmm let me think, have I forgotten anything? Actually, I guess not. Well thank you so much for reading this article, I can’t wait to share more articles with you guys!