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So you might be wondering, what are the differences between a narwhal and a unicorn?  I interviewed my friend Sara Fedorink. Sara is an avid unicorn lover and could be considered an expert in all things unicorn.

According to Sara, “a unicorn is a mythical horse with a white body, a rainbow mane, and a horn that is magical.  Unicorns will always find a place in your dreams.”

For the narwhal facts, I chose to interview the one person that I know that knows the most facts about narwhals, ME!

According to Morgan Harte, A narwhal is an animal, that is on the earth today.  It is a mammal that lives in the Arctic Ocean. It has a tusk that looks like a unicorn.  The narwhal tusk is similar to an elephant’s tusk because the narwhal tusk is also made of ivory.  The narwhal’s tusk is located on its forehead. The narwhal is a whale and it has been nicknamed the Unicorn of the Sea.

Now we will compare and contrast a unicorn to a narwhal.


Unicorn Narwhal
Myth Real animal
Horn Tusk tooth that looks like a horn
Has a mane, tail, horn and 4 hooves                                  Bullbar fins and a horizontal tail
Has fur Has blubber
Magical Non-Magical
Lives on land Live in the ocean
Eats berries, fruit, and grass Eats shrimp, squid, and fish
Male and females both have horns Only males have horns
Sleep laying down Sleep on top of the water to breathe
Families spend their time alone Families live in pods or 15-20.  Sometimes even up to 100.