The Spelling Bee


On Monday, December 17, 2018, it was the day of the school spelling bee. On this day, I was feeling afraid.  I got onto the stage and hoped for the best. Number one went first, then number two, and so on and so forth.  Then, it was my turn! I came up, clueless about which word I must spell. Surprisingly, I don’t remember a single word that was given to me.  Well, one, but I’ll tell you about it later.

During the first round, only one person got out. One of the 5th graders spelled “ street”  incorrectly by one letter. In the second round, two kids got out. There were twenty-one kids remaining.  The third round scared me the most because nine kids got out, including someone I knew!  When he got out, I just knew I was going to go out quickly.  Twelve kids were left including me. Round after round and kids were dropping like flies. Then it was down to my friend and me.  She spelled a word incorrectly, so I did the last one. My word was beneath, but I didn’t want to let her go down that easily. I spelled beneath incorrectly, but it didn’t last very long.  She had to spell leopard. She was very close to getting it correct. She missed it by one letter. Now all I had to do was spell my next word correctly. My word was “flail.”  I remembered this word because my grandma and I went over that word recently. I spelled it correctly and I won the bee!

My friend, who made it to the end with me, and I took a photo with and without Mrs. Liesberger.  I had a mixture of feelings happening that day. These feelings I couldn’t express with words. I’m pretty sure that my best friend was the one person that gave me courage that day.  I can’t find a way to tell her how thankful I am for her support. I did something I’ve never done before, I faced my fears, and I won. That was something I wasn’t prepared for!