Driving? Stay off the Phone!


Alana Fontenot, Staff Writer

Most people think it’s okay to go on your phone while driving, IT’S NOT! Quite a few accidents have happened to people while using their phone behind the wheel. Even if you are at a stop sign or stoplight that does not mean you can use your phone! If you get a text message you can, reply later. If someone is in the car with you, they can type what you would like to say back! Now, if it is a call you will have to answer it later or ask someone else in the car to answer the call. But really guys, don’t get on your phone while driving! We don’t want you, or anyone else, getting hurt!  Feel free to leave this article please leave a comment on what to do to stop this situation. My mom said, “An app that would turn off your device would help fix this problem.” Do you agree?