New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

Greyson Palmer, Staff Writer


My name is Greyson Palmer and I am a new kid at Kreinhop.  This is my first article in Journalism Club. I hope you enjoy!


So what is it like to be the new kid around Kreinhop?

Well being the new kid is hard especially when you are a teacher’s son. The main reason it’s hard is because I can’t eat lunch or walk in the hall without people being like, “Oh look it’s Mrs. Richard’s son!” I just can’t take it!  Being the new kid is challenging but fun at the same time. Another challenge is sometimes I am confused when a teacher tells us to take things out that I don’t have. I usually solve this problem by checking with my friend Anthony who sits next to me.

 Some benefits to being the new kid are that I get to start over in a new school and make new friends.  It was not as hard to make friends as I thought. In fact, it was easy. Some friends I have made are Jake, Sophia, Maxwell, Lily, Alex, Anthony, and Emma! I also have met a lot of new teachers. The people at Kreinhop are really nice and try to help me with the way things go. There is another fabulous benefit to my move to Kreinhop. Since my mom is a teacher here I get to go to her room at the end of the day.  I get some relax time and some extra time with mom which I like.

“What advice might you give to a new kid?”


Well, my advice is to get along with the other kids. You should just try to be a really good friend to the other students. You should also ask questions about the school to try and get the gist or flow of the school!