Krescendos Performance


Talyn Meyer, Staff Reporter


Inspired by my friends from the Kreinhop Krescendos

The Kreinhop Krescendos put on a show at the Dickens market every year, though it may not be the same date. For 2019, their performance is presumed on November 16, on a Saturday at noon. It may not be clear what time they will have finished, for it is based on how complicated the performance is to set up and how long it takes to clean. Sometimes, a problem can occur during the concert and all further entertainment may be postponed.

  The Kreinhop Krescendos will be presenting many songs for their audiences. Both Pulse and Choir will be performing for many relatives who have come to watch their kids, grandkids, and nephews perform.

  Pulse is a carefully selected group of students from 4th and 5th grade, who have signed up for auditions, showing their xylophone skills to the current music teachers. Sometimes, a member may be practicing a part, though it may not be theirs. The reason for this is a simple purpose. That student would actually be playing an extracurricular instrument for fun, such as drums, maracas, jingle bells or the triangle.

  Choir is a group of students that sign up to sing for the school, but no auditions are needed. As long as you sign up for this group, then it is guaranteed that you may perform in future concerts.

  Back to the subject! The Dickens Market is an arranged event, placed at the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center. It is only reachable at the time of the event and is a place to set up a booth or stand to sell home-baked goods and/or DIY crafts.

  I suggest you try to come to this concert every year! They’re always amazing and it gives some spotlight to students! You can always become part of the Kreinhop Krescendos if you want to perform! Just sign up at the beginning of the year and do your thing! Remember, always do your best, no matter if it’s during performance or practice!