Howler Recognition


Emma Mani, Staff Reporter

Last spring when I came home from school, my parents told me that they got a call from Principal Liesberger. I was so scared I felt a wave of nerves passing by me. My dad spurted with energy, “CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!” 

First,I had no idea what was going on. Then my mom blurted, “EMMA, you got RECOGNIZED for the JOURNALISM CLUB!” 

“WHAT?!” “REALLY?!” I gasped.

Mom said that there was a CEREMONY! I was really surprised! “ Next monday,” Mom said. On that weekend, my parents and I went to the mall to get an outfit.

On that Monday, it was ceremony day. I was really nervous, but thank God that the program was AFTER SCHOOL, and not before school.  I was so relieved. After school when I got home, I needed to put my outfit on, but the thing is…… I HAD to wear a DRESS!!!! For a fact, I ABSOLUTELY HATE DRESSES! Like EVERY TIME, my mom FORCES me to wear “THE DRESS!!!!!!!”

My whole family hopped into the car and off we went. When we arrived at The Klein ISD Board meeting, I was SUPER DUPER scared and nervous. As my family and I went inside the building, of course I was still shivering. The seats were filled with people.(I was soooo nervous.) I saw not even a quarter of people that I know. I saw  Mrs. Wells, (my 4th grade teacher) another student that is getting recognized, and more people of course. Then the ceremony began. The councilors began to recognize me first. JUST MY LUCK, “ Why Me?” I thought. 

I had to stand in front of BILLIONS of people (really there were not billions of people) the councilors gave me an award. I opened the beautiful blue card. It said Emma Mani Recognized for “The Journalism Club.” My parents told me that I did a TERRIFIC job! Right after the ceremony was over, my 11th grade brother, Jaden told me in the car to “keep up the good work and never stop writing or reading, most of all, DON’T lose your talent.” I replied to him very serious “Thank you so much.” Overall I’m so glad that I joined The Journalism Club!!!!! If I hadn’t joined the club, then I would never have been recognized.