Kreinhop Cafeteria

Taylor Garner, Staff Reporter

The Kreinhop Cafeteria is really fun! They serve things like chicken nuggets, pizza and salads! They also have sauces like Ketchup, Ranch, barbecue, and pizza sauce! They also have seating for you and your child to sit together. And when you aren’t here with your child, there are seats according to the class your child is in.


There’s also the stage where Kreinhop students and other schools perform! The stage can also be used for the Campus Kids to play! And next to the stage there is an open closet where the campus kid’s toys, snacks are kept, as well as spots for the bus riders to stay while their bus comes.


There is an outside exit leading to the hardtop/parking lot. And then there is another exit leading to the bathroom, hallway, and music hallway. In people’s opinion, it looks more modern to old time schools. The floors are always shining white, and the carpet on the stage never dies down. The ceiling may have a few cracks and some gummies, but we still LOVE our cafeteria!