Being New


Temitayo Ajibade, Staff Reporter


  Hi, today I will tell you about my first day at Kreinhop. It was amazing and scary because I just moved here from Africa. I felt different and sad because the rest of my family and friends were still in Africa, and when I first got here everything was different. My first new friends were Allison and Kendall because they were so nice to me when I needed help.  Because I came in the middle of the class year, I sometimes had no idea what they were talking about.  It was nice to be able to ask my new friends for help. My new school seemed really big, but luckily I did not get lost! Now that I have been here a little while, I know all the things I am supposed to do every day. So far it has been amazing and fun at Kreinhop. I made a lot of new friends and I love my new school.  One of my favorite things about my new school is PE, art, and music because it is like a little break from the classwork. The thing that is the most different is we do not have any school buses so the first time I rode the bus it was very exciting, but I was also quite nervous! The one thing I miss most about home is my best friend.  I have known her for five years and I miss her so much!