Kreinhop Recycle Club


Emma Agre, Staff Reporter

What is the Kreinhop Recycling Club you ask? Recycling Club is a program that’s run by Kreinhop’s P.E. department and 4th-grade students.  To be in the Recycling Club you have to be recommended by your teacher, so you MUST be a good student. Only two students from each class get chosen, so it means a lot to be picked! At the beginning of the year, each class is given a recycle bin.  Every other Friday the bins are placed outside of the rooms and the crew goes to their designated hallways and collects the bins and empties them into the main recycle bin and then returns them to the right classroom. Crew members must follow all normal hallway rules along with being careful with the bins (no stacking or throwing them).    It is a privilege to be in the recycle club but it also a sacrifice because we have to give up some of our recess time to do it. That’s ok though because we get a chance to help our school, our community, and the environment!