Opinions About the Concert at Klein Collins on December 16, 2019

Talyn Meyer, Staff Reporter

Interviewing Students From Mrs. Manahan’s Class Before and After the Concert


  Hi there! We’re going to be interviewing students from Mrs. Manahan’s class about the Concert at Klein Collins on December 16, 2019. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

  First, let’s interview some students before the concert! Let’s go!


  Question One, Are you excited for the concert?

Madison Hale – “Yes, I have a big appreciation for classical music.”

Lillee Scott – “No, not really. I’m only kind of excited because my brother might be playing.”

Kate Casas – “Yeah, very. My sister might be performing!”

Taylor Garner – “Yeah, I’m excited. I also see other people around me who are excited.”

Mateo Caulderon – “Yes, I’m really excited.”


Question Two, Do you think Choir will perform too?

King Thomas – “Yes.”

Taylor Garner – “Yeah.”

Kinsley Armentrout – “Yeah, I do.”

Madison Hale – “It depends on what kind of music they’re playing. Not all music has Choir.”


  Now it’s time to interview some students after the performance! Let’s hear their opinions!


Question One, Would you like to play an instrument as your career?

Madison Hale – “No, because I would rather be an animator, but it would definitely be my backup career.”

Jaden Heil – “Yes.”

Taylor Garner – “No, because I would rather be an artist and to me, instruments are kind of boring.”

Gage McMillian – “No, because I’m not that talented”

Kelsi Berwick – “Maybe. I don’t really know.” 


Question Two, How do you think the school was?

Elijah Buckner – “I think it was nice.”

Aaron Vasquez – “I think it was 8/10”

King Thomas – “Pretty huge.”

Kamila Hernandez – “It was ok.”

Kyle Camua – “I don’t know… I think it’s good.”


Question Three, How do you think we did as an audience?


Dina Jaradi – “Much better than the other schools.”

Madison Hale – “I think we did well. That’s what Mrs. Manahan said.”
Taylor Garner – “I think we did pretty good.

Krystal Lozano – “Good.”

Kamila Hernandez – “Better than the middle school.”


Question Four, Did you enjoy the ride to Klein Collins and back?


Andrew Garcia – “Yes”

Aspen Zentz – “No.”

Madison Hale – “No, not really, because it was short and I didn’t get to talk to my friends.”

Joaquin Nunez – “Yeah.”

Taylor Garner – “Yeah, it was so cool! I got to sit in the very back and talk to one of my friends!”


  I hope you enjoyed reading about others’ opinions! If you’re in 4th grade or lower, then I hope you look forward to taking this trip! Maybe someone else in your class will be in Journalism Club and interviewing your class! Thanks for reading! Goodbye!