The Magical Winter Lights!!!!

Emma Mani, Staff Reporter

The Magical Winter Lights is a perfect place to relax, and see very lovely colorful lights and impressive shows!! 


Ice Section

 The Magical Winter Lights has very beautiful lights. In the ice section there are a huge variety of dazzling lights!

There is an arch that has miniature icicles hanging off from the top of the ice arch. It is like the whole entire park is a large maze. Also, there are enormous icicles poking out of the ground with sparkly ice like lights. Lastly, if your a fan of the ice princesses…. You can actually go up to the carriage and take a lifetime moment picture!!


Dino Section

 If you absolutely love dinosaurs this section is for you!

In this section there are actually real life robot dinosaurs that are very well detailed. There are two sections of dinosaurs. The first part is outside and the other is inside. The outside one has the robot dinos. Also, there’s a nice set up where there is a volcano spurting out with red lava and the sky has stars and the volcano and the lava are traced with the appropriate colored lights.

In addition, there is a slide that has a dinosaur’s mouth open and the plastic red tongue is the part that you slide on! It’s like you are in Jurassic Park! Inside, there are very fun activities. Meanwhile, there is a small stand that has human length dinos that you can ride on. In addition, there is an average size sand box. Lastly there is another dino slide but you are coming from a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s body!       



In this section there is an enormous sign that says in huge letters Houston, Texas. Each of the letters are colored very positive colors. Like light red, purple, green, yellow and blue. Also as you enter H-Town there is an alien exhibit that you will enter and there is an arch that you go through. There are berserk aliens swirling around the arch! In addition, there is a setting of all different types of cultures highlighted with lights!


Sea Section

In the sea section there is a whole variety of sea animals. There is a really beautiful big whale with lots of beautiful patterns on it! Also there is a humongous mermaid! Also the theme is underwater, so don’t forget to hold your breath! There are so many themes in this park, the sea section is one of the most detailed section in the whole park besides the ice section.


 There is only one show in this park. It is an acrobatic show! Were(people from China) people that are professionals are hired to do a wonderful show just for you!


Alice in Wonderland

What a wonderful land! Called…. Alice in Wonderland! There are so many references in the movie about the park. This section is located right next to the dino section. In addition, when you are walking into the entrance, you are walking on a checkered patterned floor! There are the characters from the exact movie such as Alice. This is one of the sections you should enjoy!



This section is all about FOOD! After all of this fun, your stomach might have a grumble! That means you are ready to eat! There are a lot of choices to choose from! To Butzz food truck which sells burgers to funnel cakes! There is a lot of food on the menu!

I hope you can make a journey to come to THE MAGICAL WINTER LIGHTS!