Klein Collins Performance

Mariana Rosales, Staff Reporter

Did you know that every year Klein Collins invites 5th graders to a performance? This performance is about you choosing a type of music when you enter Middle School.


As soon as we got down from the bus everyone got excited because it was going to be Klein Collins with Schindewolf together. Also for a few of us we were going to see our string teacher perform. Before it started someone in the stage asked if Kreinhop Elementary was there and we proudly raised our hands, there were 3 schools. As the choir started, the music felt calming they were singing christmas carols. After that the Schindewolf orchestra came. While they were playing Silent Night, the violins and violas came up in front of us.


The merry music was cheerful. As I heard it, it led my way to choose one. When the band came a lot of people liked the band because it was energetic.


When it was time to go it felt like it had been forever, but it was worth it. The music made me decide that classical was my rhythm. Music can be used in several ways. 

     And 4th grade, good luck choosing a wonderful type of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!