My Puppy, Rose

Emma Mani, Staff Reporter

I have a terrific puppy and her name is Rose. Rose is a toy dog which means she is small but not as small as a teacup puppy. Rose is a breed called a Maltese. In my opinion, a Maltese is one of the best dog breeds for families. 

To be honest Rose absolutely LOVES POPCORN! Even if we say the word popcorn she jumps up and down in her cage or when she is out in the house. Then, if I say popcorn repeatedly she barks really loud.

Rose is very loyal to my family, but the thing is that she can not howl! I have researched that it is very challenging to teach your Maltese to howl. But only once Rose had howled because she has separation anxiety because we baby her way too much. Also, Rose is a very fast runner. Rose and my older brother raced in the backyard, and my mom held her and I had a treat in my hand so she can run as fast as she can. So they raced and Rose won! She won against my cross country runner brother! That’s because Malteses run super fast! And their legs are kind of like a spring so they can run like a cheetah.

In my opinion, my puppy Rose is very unique she is like no other puppy on Earth!