Protect the Rainforest

Mariana Rosales, Staff Reporter

Did you know that cutters cut trees in the Rainforest everyday? Now because of this a lot of animals are losing their homes just because of a simple act.


The Rainforest is home to a lot of species of plants and animals like for example: chocolate, monkeys, red frog, ferns, jaguars, mountain gorillas, and many more fascinating animals and plants that call this wonderful place home. Many of the plants here are used for medicines these days, also the creatures that live here are special in this place because they are adapted to the climate, the surface and the surroundings .


However they can’t fight for it because the cutters use the bow saw. It can scare them and they run away. You can prevent this by protesting to save the rainforest because this place is home to living things and we don’t want to be the ones to blame when the rainforest is gone. No, we have to fight for this beautiful, amazing, mysterious place that needs our help just because people want things that are not necessary. Also our oxygen comes from plants and trees.


            And remember this: this place needs to be saved from disappearing!