Emma, Staff Reporter

I love poetry because it’s like you’re taking a journey to your emotions and how you feel.  There are so many splashes of ideas and tastes and poetry is just FREE, period or no period, comma or no comma.  Basically what I’m trying to say is: try poetry! 

I love poetry because it has figurative language. Figurative language is words to describe a real life situation using imagery to create an image in your mind.  

I wrote this poem because I can show my emotions, and just for fun!   


Life Tree (Poem)

By Emma Mani


There’s a dog, it looks old.

I visit it in the alley where it lives.

And I see an old tree.

I see that there are no more than five leaves

Every day I pass by, and there’s one leaf left

It was April 14th there were two leaves left

It was April 15th 2017, and there were ZerO leaves left

By the time I finally took it to urgent care.


Nothing Not a Single Breath…