Save the Bees!

Mariana Rosales, Staff Reporter

Did you know that bees help flowers grow by picking pollen and distributing it so that flowers don’t die. This article will talk about the importance of bees in our world and why we should protect them.

Bees may be scary however it’s a harmless insect except if you scare them or harm their home. Bees need to be protected because these black and yellow insects are valued by a lot of people because they can make honey and give some nutritions to the colorful flowers. They are in danger of extinction.

Also bees are a life source needed to make our world a beautiful place filled with flowers. Beehives are filled with thousands of bees that call this place their home. Beehives have a queen that will lay two eggs and from them two princesses will be born.

Bees are part of our life and we have to make sure they aren’t harmed.

Help us save the bees!