Emma Mani, Staff Reporter

Exercising can help you in every day life, but also exercising too much can make you overheat and your body also can begin to burn muscle instead of fat. This can cause your body to hold on to or gather fat. Also when you exercise your body will gain less weight and you can be more fit and healthy. To add on, there are many ways to exercise you can exercise with your pets while your pet(s) can also get the exercise they need too! 


Another way you can exercise if you’re at your nearby park. Another way is to go to a public exercising gym. In addition, if you are one of people who can’t exercise, well, you can not be fancy and you can run around your neighborhood or your backyard! 


Lastly, if you are a child how you can exercise is to go to school. You can exercise in the gym and you can even have fun! In addition, in Kreinhop Elementary School, their gym is wonderful! This connects to this article because everybody exercises in Kreinhop Elementary’s gym. Inside the gym the coaches say that we either do line leader warm ups that there is a leader doing an exercise and everybody follows. Or partner warm ups when you can have a pair of two or a group and do how many exercises you can! 


As you observe, exercising is very healthy for your body! I hope you can go outside whenever you can and EXERCISE!